Zack Ryder looking to make most of opportunities

Flamboyance is the only word that comes to mind when one thinks of Zack Ryder, a professional WWE wrestler. He burst into the scene with his partner Brian Myers and won the tag team championship in a very short period of time. They reached the height of success but the team separated and his partner moved out into the independent circuit. He has also featured in ECW quite a few number of times before being drafted for WWE. At an early stage in his career he helped Edge to win the championship but failed to achieve anything for his own self. The ups and downs of his career taught him to be optimistic and he finally came out on top by undergoing a najor change in his personality. The long hair was gone and the short crop rockstar was ready to take WWE by storm. However these plans were short lived.
Zack Ryder won the United States Championship and also featured in one of the epic tables ladders and chairs match. The high flyer was happy with his success and continued to gain massive support from the WWE universe. Although he was voted as one o fthe baby faced superstars yet he is a fighter in his own right. He had been diagnosed for cancer at an early stage in his life but he was able to overcome it with a lot of mental and physical strength. He has been trained by Mikey Whipwreck who is a veteran in wrestling. Zack Ryder had become an internet sensation among his fans with his video son youtube. His album also grossed quite a huge amount of profit which added to his glamour quotient. Presently he is concentrating on carving out a niche for himself in the wrestling entertainment circuit.