Washington To Face Wilder Soon

Gerald Washington was given a voluntary defense for the WBC championship title. He has announced that he might be looking at fighting Deontay Wilder.

Wilder on the other hand, has been due for defending his belt in the heavyweight category. The fight was scheduled to take place earlier this month. However, his opponent, Alexander Povetkin failed a drug test due to which the fight against the Russian was called off. Wilder is now free to choose who would be his next opponent. Washington is unbeaten and has been asked to hold back from vacationing as he could have a shot at the title. As a result, both fighters will probably be lining up against each other soon.

Wilder would be looking at defending his title, but an official offer has not come his way as yet. It is expected to come around this summer. Among the possible contenders of WBC in the top fifteen, Washington is definitely present and hence, he and his fellow American are set to fight even though it is yet to be formally announced.
Washington informed the media that it is a possibility that he is looking at such a fight coming up. If he looks at the list of guys he has fought there are not many left.

Washington feels that it is time to prepare for the fight. Even though he is supposed to be vacationing in Hawaii he would have to get back to work and opt for the title match. It would surely please his fans and would be an unexpected pleasure for them. Most would look forward to seeing him back in the ring and taking a shot at the title. Being an unscheduled match will only make it more entertaining and that is why Washington is happy to take it on.