Calzaghe puts onus on Froch

Welsh boxing great Joe Calzaghe is one of only two men to have ever come out with his hand raised against Mikkel Kessler and according to the legendary boxer, Englishman Carl Froch is on his way to joining that elite group come the 25th of May.


Boxing betting tips

Throughout human history there have been people who have fought for the entertainment of others, from the Roman Gladiators and Greek wrestlers to modern day boxers. Something else that has also been a part of this entertainment since the beginning is betting on who will win, with any competition comes the idea of knowing who will win and trying to make money from it.


Alvarez needs to have a game plan

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, the World Boxing Council or the WBC’s 154 lbs world champion is getting ready to take on the American Austin Trout, the World Boxing Association or the WBA belt holder in April and former Junior Middleweight world champion Raul ‘Diamante’ Marquez, Alvarez will be in need of an extremely smart strategy in the match to get the better of the American.


Mary Kom could fight in Rio

GS Sandhu, the chief boxing coach of the Indian team has stated that Indian women boxing’s poster girl MC Mary Kom has enough talent and fitness to keep on fighting till the next Olympic Games, scheduled for Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and will be the biggest hope of the country for a Gold medal in the sport.


Amir Khan targets fight with Vyacheslav Senchenko

British boxing superstar Amir Khan could be ready to make his debut in the Welterweight division on home turf as, according to reports emerging from the English press suggests, the Bolton based boxer is looking at facing Vyacheslav Senchenko, the man who thrashed the former darling of British boxing Ricky Hatton in his return to professional boxing after a hiatus of three years last year.


Karate - some basic facts

Karate is a popular form of martial art originated from the Okinawan Islands. The Japanese word means “empty hand”. It is form of self defense mainly without any weapons. The body and the limbs play the most vital role in this form of martial art.


Jiu Jitsu in Focus

Jiu Jitsu is a form of Brazilian martial art, which focuses mainly on grappling and ground fighting, and is a form of self defence, which has caught on with the rest of the world at quite a fast rate, and many can be seen practicing it around the globe.


New Fight Club in Brooklyn

Central Williamsburg will witness a brand new for gym, rather a fight club for the increasing interest for martial arts as sport where professional training on martial arts will be provided to the amateur and professional fighters to improve their skills.

The academy named Renzo Gracie Fight Academy mainly recently raised its curtains at 100 Bayard Street in a warehouse at Brooklyn.


BJ Penn has taken to the use of social networking media to speak about his angst against Nick Diaz. Penn lost to Diaz in a match sometime back and has been quite disturbed and worried with the change of events.

This chain of events might in turn end the friendship between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz as well.



Spontaneous altercations between young kids who can’t stand the sight of each other have been reported many times over the last few years and many videos have also been seen on the internet and the social networking sites but what happened in Vienna, in the state of Virginia in the United States of America recently was beyond belief for many of the police officers who were present at the scene.