Leapai Can Be Compared With Rocky: Wladimir Klitschko

This is what can be termed as the open testimonial. Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko has said that if somebody can be defined as real life Rocky, then it is none other than Australian fighter Alex Leapai.

“Leapai can be compared with Rocky, he is an underdog but he is an experienced player and can change the game anytime,” Wladimir was quoted saying this recently.
However, while commenting on Leapai’s fighting style, Klitschko has said that when the hardy fighter from Brisbane comes to the ring, he dares nobody. “A lot of violence is there in Alex’s matches. He can go to any extent to confirm his win,” added the Russian during an interview by sports media News Corp of Australia.

Klitschko has also said that Alex Leapai is also strong physically besides having a tough mind. “He does not necessarily need any particular style or technique to win matches. He is so strong. When he takes on against anyone, we see sheer violence on stage. This is how Alex fights,” said Klitschko, one of the most successful heavyweight champions of the bout world who has not lost any single match in the past 10 years of his career.

But now he has reached a crucial juncture of his career when he will have to win an important match against Australian champion Alex Leapai to make his name engraved in the history of this sport forever and Klitschko is not leaving any stone unturned to brace up himself before the match in Australia on April 27. The fanatics of the fighting world have already putting their expectations on social networking sites about the Leapai and Klitschko match. This is a lifetime chance for Leapai as an Australian to win world crown after 106 years.