Froch admits letting Groves Mess Up His Head

Post his traumatic defeat to George Groves, Carl Froch admitted that he himself allowed the junior opponent to mess up his head during the match that ultimately led to his crashing defeat. The 36-year-old English MMA star is all set to consult sports psychologists to prepare him mentally prior to matches.
Groves played some mean mental games with Froch in their previous fight last November & the senior English fighter admitted that Groves’ antics actually worked to throw him out of the match. The 36-year-old stressed that he was completely fit physically but mentally not that aware which led him to succumb to George’s mind games. Froch is all determined now to consult with a seasoned sports psychologist professional who is presently working with Brit Olympic squad.
“I need answer for the questions regarding why I allowed Groves to mess up with my head”, said the dapper English MMA star. “I am furious with myself to allow it to happen since I have studied sports-psychology being a sports science student.”
Froch, however, was all praise for Groves’ presence of mind during their last bout and the way the junior fighter compelled him to succumb to his tactics. “He came up with a good try on me. I can say that because as I entered the ring post his rubbish in my ears all I wished was to punch him down rather than boxing him. I am not letting this to happen again”, commented Froch.
Froch’s loss of cool was pretty evident in the photo session of the last November match. The 36-year-old was found seemingly irked when he was seen shoving Groves away while his junior was talking something in his senior opponent’s ear. However, Froch still has his chance to rectify the previous mistakes against his upcoming match against Groves this May at Wembley Stadium.