Former Boxer Ron Newquist Starts Off His Boxing Gym

Ron Newquist has always been a boxer first and a basketball coach next.

That is his professional background for those who are not in the know. Being the catch for the girls’ team Bloom in basketball, he can also teach a thing or two about boxing.

Hence, along with boxing, Ron Newquist will be able to teach his girls the left hook as well. And guess what, he is now able to indulge in his favorite recreation as he has started Newk’s Boxing Gym. Located in South Chicago Heights, he has been holding regular training sessions.

Newquist has young boys trying out boxing at his gym that included Zydrunas Butkus of ten years of age. Newquist ferociously trains and directs the boys to keep up one arm as the other hits out protecting themselves at the same time. The fathers who are watching the training routine also nod in agreement of Newquist’s training tactics.

Ron is definitely a motivation for those who have retired from active sports. At 51 he is all set to put in renewed vigor in training. He has helped Bloom to have successful basketball seasons as well as running a softball and baseball academy. Now he is all set to make his boxing gym a success. The participants in his gym are put through an hour of workouts that include warm ups, stretches, strengthening and conditioning exercises as well as working on heavy bags, shadow boxing and speed bag works.

It includes different clientele, men, women and children. He has started training Zach Butkus sons who show interest in boxing in their early years. As a training regime boxing is great as it helps to condition and develop speed and agility as well as strength. Even as a fitness regime it is great to take up boxing even if you are not looking to fight.