Cena And Lesnar Tied Up In The Re Match Of Championship

John Cena has been a name known when it came to world heavy weight championship. Recently he was beaten badly by Brock Lesnar who took the World Heavy weight title from him. This led to a rematch decision from Cena as it was in the clause. Cena made a call for a rematch but this match built up was definitely a big one. It was one of the biggest build up and the most anticipated one. The match was one of the most talked about and there were people who gave their speculations on the event. There were people who claimed that it was a decision that Cena shouldn’t’ have made. According to the experts his decision will lead him up to a position of getting beaten again. This challenge from Cena got all the hype as experts believed that beating a beast like Lesnar is not a tough task but an impossible one. They believed that it was a martyrdom decision from Cena and this martyrdom decision will lead to his death rather death of his passion. As the match day got closer it was Cena who rejected all the speculations and was confident about the fight.
The match day started up with John Cena returning in the familiar competition. The difference this time was that he was just a contender while Brock Lesnar was a Word Heavy Weight Championship holder. On the night both of them fought bravely enough just the difference being it was Cena who was the one who made use of all his power and beat Lesnar badly. This fight was won by the Cena after a disqualification but this didn’t give Cena back his title back. It is Lesnar who still is the world heavy weight champion but it was a fight for the lifetime.