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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been rising steadily in popularity in Asia, particularly India, according to reports.

The combat sport encompasses boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, kick boxing, judo, Brazilina jiu jitsu, Muay Thai et al. It involved lot of blood and sweats as the competitors’ slug it out to remain the last person standing.

MMA involved combining techniques and styles from other physical combat sport to wear out an opponent. Indians, instead of seeing cricket or watching soccer, have been increasingly taking to the sport.

“I have been training in taekwondo and MMA for the past six years. I was 15 years old then and had no idea about MMA, but I started learning taekwondo under my school instructor. After that, I started training in boxing as well,” 21-year old MMA fighter Bharti Dhoundiyal said about the sport.

The passionate university student added that the “different” rule of the physical sport made it even more exciting for her.



The MMA world rankings for the week 29-5-2011 has just been released (sponsored by the Free Bet website). Here's our breakdown of the 8 weight classes for the end of the month:

Heavyweight (265 pound limit)

1) Fabricio Werdum (“Vai Cavalo”)


Silva out of Action

It appears UFC Middleweight champion, Anderson Silva will not be fighting again until early next year after cracking his ribs in the first round of his title defense against Chael Sonnen at UFC 117.

Speaking via Fighters Only Magazine, Silva's coach, Ramon Lemos said:

“After the first round he said he broke his ribs. He told me he could not breathe because of the rib. I told him to forget about the rib and work the movement of legs and he would get the triangle…After the fight he went to the hospital and did an x-ray and the doctor said he did not break it, it was just a crack.”

UFC at Home in Brazil

Two of the UFC's five champions are Brazilian, and it soon could be five after Junior Dos Santos, who won a No. 1 contender's bout against Roy Nelson this past weekend at UFC 117, gets his shot at the heavyweight belt early next year.

But despite the Brazilians' success in the UFC, the organization hasn't hosted a show in their home country in nearly 12 years.

But according to UFC president Dana White, that soon could change.

"We're spending money in Brazil right now," White told MMAjunkie. "We're spending marketing money, PR money, and we've got people down there working for us."

White long has hinted at the possibility of returning to Brazil, which hosted UFC 17.5 in 1998 and marked the promotional debuts of Pedro Rizzo and a then-22-year-old Wanderlei Silva. In fact, of the 16 fighter slots on the card, seven went to Brazilians.


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