Calzaghe reveals he came close to hiring a new trainer

Legendary Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe has admitted that he thought several times about changing trainers, dumping his father Enzo from his corner.

Hailed as the pride of Wales, Joe did, in fact retain the services of his father till the very end but speaking to a magazine in a recent interview, he stated that there was a time when he almost hired the help of someone from the outside.

Calzaghe boasts of an unbeaten career record of 46-0 but around halfway through that run, it seemed that the Welshman was losing his touch, in spite of continuing as the World Boxing Organization or the WBO Super Middleweight Championship holder.

He has also revealed that during that time, he went to train in England at Hertfordshire, away from his training base in South Wales, where he first took up the boxing gloves as a nine year old and at that time, he was almost ready to bring in a new trainer.

But Joe Calzaghe also admitted that he didn’t think about completely getting rid of the services of Enzo but was eager not to allow him to run the show on his own as well.
Now a father of two, the Welshman admitted that his two sons were the reason he decided to hang up his gloves in his prime back in 2008, with the fans screaming for more from him. He stated that his hands were gone and he couldn’t train any longer.

Joe Calzaghe went on to add that his boys were getting older and required his attention, before mentioning that he had done everything he had ever wanted to do and wanted to be one of those very few fighters who wanted to go out on his own terms at the top of his game and he decided to quit.